Supporting Highways England’s Motorbike Safety Campaign

Highways England were present at Round 1 of the 2019 British Superbike Season speaking to riders attending the action-packed event about the importance of motorbike safety.

The campaign, supported by the  police-led BikeSafe initiative, DocBike charity and the Biker Down initiative, aims to raise awareness to riders of the dangers of not wearing the appropriate protective clothing and were present at Silverstone to advise visitors and enrol motorcyclists on potentially life-saving courses.

As motorsport racers we understand the importance of having the correct kit and unfortunately it is not until people come off and hurt themselves that they really appreciate that. Nobody thinks it will happen to them.

We try and test new protective equipment and realise that quality overrides all. One example when he was younger, Kurt had a crash and his glove came off, removing all of the skin off his hand. If that can happen just losing a glove, what could happen without all of the protection?

And the harsh reality is that you can come off at any time, even if you are just popping down the road. For anybody riding out on the road today a big element is having to do a lot of thinking for other road users, predicting what they will do, which is not always possible. Having the correct protective kit is of upmost importance and we applaud schemes promoting this fact.

To find out more about their ‘distressed‘ scheme and where you can next meet Highways England, visit their website here.