Interview with following the Oulton Park crash


The feature race at Oulton Park took a turn for the worst in an overtaking manoeuvre when the competitors bike Kurt was slip streaming over Clay Hill seemed to immediately stop accelerating down the straight. At 140mph and a couple of feet apart, Kurt crashed into the back of the bike he was pursuing which dragged him off the side. This left the bike to ghost at full speed across the grass with no pilot for 100 yards or so before barrel rolling end to end as it crossed back over the other side of the track. The red flag was brought out and the result was called.

It is entirely thanks to the quality of the kit that Kurt was able to walk away from such a crash unharmed.

Hideout Leather provide tailor-made leathers to fit both Kurt and Matt. In this instance, extra padding surrounding Kurt’s forearms his leathers protected him in a way that cheaper off-the-peg products could not compare.

HJC Helmets provided by Oxford Products ensure the upmost head protection with their lightweight, high quality helmets. Matt and Laura from Oxford Products service both of the boys’ helmets after every session, ensuring they are ready for anything.

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