Round 4 – Brands Hatch GP Summary

Following the Brands Hatch event last weekend there has been a lack of updates due to some unfortunate luck.
Matt was looking to have a positive weekend with some strong lap times straight out of the box in the practice sessions but was unfortunately stopped in his tracks during the opening stages of Qualifying. A fellow competitor lost the front exiting turn 1 and in an attempt to hold on to the bike, it shot across the track side swiping Matt. There was nowhere to go and nothing more Matt could do when ran over the other rider and their bike causing a big crash and red flag. Matt has spent the week in hospital near the Brands Hatch circuit in Kent as they have plated two broken bones in his ankle, the Talus and Distal Tibia. He is hoping to be discharged early next week.
Kurt spend the entire weekend struggling with flu which didn’t stop him completing practice within the top 5 and qualifying 6 for the race. The biggest downfall that he has was the energy to complete a full session. He push on as best as he could in the first race securing a P9 position which is a solid result considering the state he was in. As for race 2, the team was caught out with the new minimum tyre pressure rule brought in by Pirelli resulting in a back of the grid start for Kurt. Despite being at the back end of the 20s on the grid, he battled on and brought hope a 10th place finish continuing hes streak of not falling outside of the top 10 so far this season.
We will keep the updates on Matt coming and his expected recovery as Kurt heads to Knockhill this weekend coming with Moto3 team mate Josh Hiatt.
Kurt & Matt Wigley