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Round 12 – Brands Hatch GP Race Report 

Tricky Conditions For The Final Round

The final round of the British Superbike season took place at the famous Brands Hatch Circuit. The team was confident that this weekend would be the best of the season especially after Fridays free practice session when kurt was fastest on track finishing FP1 in 1st and Matt was close behind with a 4th place finish.
Friday remained a dry day meaning we could give it our all in the first qualifying session later that afternoon. Matt had a strong session after missing out the last time we were here due to his injury, he was putting down times that kept him inside the top 10 for the whole session until falling to 12th on the closing couple of laps. Kurt was on the pace from the first lap once he had found some clear space on the track and jumped straight into pole position, however, after only completing 5 timed laps Kurt lost the front of the bike entering turn 1 when pushing his entry speed resulting in him crashing out at around 80mph. Kurt was okay and on his feet straight away but this meant he had to sit out for the rest of qualifying resulting in him dropping to 3rd.

Saturdays second qualifying was damp to begin with therefore we had the aim of waiting for the circuit to dry up in pit lane with the tyre warmers on which is what the majority of the competitors did. Half way through the session it was time to fight for an improved grid position but Kurt soon stopped in his tracks when his bike cut out on the out lap due to an intermittent electrical fault from Fridays crash resulting in him sitting out the session and falling back to 5th. Matt continued to improve sector times but struggled in putting his lap together as a whole which due to the nature of how close the championship is he fell back to 18th.

Our final practice session before the race was canceled meaning we had to begin Sundays wet race after a weekend of only dry sessions. As the race began Kurt and Matt had opposite approaches with Matt heading off on a mission to storm the group as fast as possible whereas Kurt took a calm and steady initial couple of laps to get a feel for the bike as this was the first time back out after the crash in qualifying. Matt soon came past Kurt on a mission but shortly after failed to stop for turn 1 and rode through the gravel rejoining in last place and half a lap behind. Kurt settled down and then began putting down lap times that were a couple of seconds faster than the group in front, within the space of 2 laps he had moved from 13th to 8th and closed the gap to the next group. Kurt had the pace and potential to reach the top 5 as a minimum but on the exit of turn 3 he had a huge high side on the power slamming him on the floor and tearing the ligaments in his heel. Another bike collided with Kurt’s on the side of the circuit causing a red flag. Kurt was immediately taken to the medical center for evaluation whilst the race restarted. Matt started from 30th on the grid as this is where he was the lap prior to the red flag, he benefitted greatly from this and had a terrific ride in the wet as he pushed his way through to 16th by the end of the 6 lap dash.


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Round 11 – Donington Park Race Report

Top 5 Finish For Matt On His Return

Last weekend we were at Donington Park for the second but final round of the British 600 Superstock Championship. After obtaining a podium finish here earlier in the year we were feeling positive for the weekend. We began Friday with a wet practice session first thing in the morning which was a steady start to the day ensuring we brought the bikes back in one piece as the rest of the weekend was due to be dry.

Our first qualifying session was a struggle as we had the expectations to hit the front straight away, Kurt struggled to find the rear grip and didn’t have full confidence as the circuit was wet an hour previously therefore white lines and curbs remained slippery. He ended the session just outside the top 10 in 13th which he was determined to improve. Matt put his fastest lap down of the session on the second but last lap as he continuously improved throughout and had the main aim of getting back to speed after his time off the bike. He said it was difficult to endure the entire session due to the lack of strength in his arm. He finished in a respectable 18th.

Second qualifying took place mid Saturday where the temperature was increasing and the conditions made for a closer battle. The majority of times set in Q1 were beaten with Kurt matching his existing personal best and Matt setting a new one. Kurt slowly isolated himself on the circuit in order to put down some flowing lap times where lap by lap he climbed the board. With 12 minutes remaining he went Pole which was secured for a further 3 laps before competitors rejoined the session with another set of brand new tyres leaving Kurt to fall to 7th even though he improved his time again by 0.2s on the final lap. Matt again pieced together a lap time that set another personal best on lap 10 of 14 launching him up a further 4 places to 13th on the grid.

Race day soon came around with the brilliant weather and tens of thousands arriving to spectate. Morning warm-up saw Kurt to set the fastest lap of the session which left us ready and eager to get out on track. The team geared up for the lights out and both lads got stuck straight away and narrowly missed out on a 3-man crash exiting turn 1 resulting in the pace car deployment. At this point Matt was one place behind Kurt and ready to put up a show. Shortly after the race continued, Matt launched his way around the outside of Kurt down Craner Curves which stood for a couple of laps until he retaliated and out-braked Matt at the end of the 145mph back straight to regain his 5th position with Matt looking to follow this up with another maneuver as he remained unsatisfied with the 6th place demotion. In the heat of the battle, Kurt entered the Melbourne Hairpin a little too fast resulting in him losing the front and frustratingly crashing out. The bike had very minimal damage and Kurt was fine other than a dented pride. Matt went on to score his first top 5 of the season which we were all over the moon with.

It was great to see both of the lads once again battling it out on circuit like they have for many years and despite Kurt’s incident, it had been a great weekend. Brands Hatch will be the final race of the season on October the 16th where we hope to have a repeat of our last visit there spraying the champagne!


Round 8 – Brands Hatch GP Race Report

Fantastic Weekend Leading To A Podium Finish

This weekend was a journey down to Kent for the eighth round of the British Superbike season at Brands Hatch. It was only Kurt competing at this event due to twin brother Matt being kept in hospital following the crash at Thruxton, the previous round. He is recovering quickly and is optimistic about a fast return.
Kurt and the team had a terrific beginning to the weekend starting with Fridays practice session, as Brands is not one of Kurt’s favorite circuits he was feeling skeptical about how the session would pan out therefore established a plan to gradually build throughout. He remained on track for the entire session, each lap feeling more comfortable and bringing down the times to a finish of P5.

The afternoon brought the first qualifying session which was structured similar to practice with the aim of building up to the final lap. Kurt managed to get into the top 10 before entering the pits for assistance from Mark, Go Racing Developments. A few changes to the Sorrymate.com Yamaha’s suspension set up saw Kurt obliterate his personal best lap time putting him in a P2 finish. This was a fantastic result especially because it was achieved on old scrub tyres, however, Saturdays qualifying times was guaranteed to improve.

We had no further changes to make to the bike for qualifying 2 in regards to the suspension as Kurt was pleased with the handling. The only change to be made was midway through the session Kurt planned to pit for a new rear tyre giving him the best opportunity for the final laps. After planning to use the front tyre from Thruxton’s race, we were disappointed to discover the tear in the sidewall meaning it could no longer be used. Thankfully, a supportive competing team in the paddock, Joe Goggins, gave us one of his used tyres for the session as our budget is already greatly stretched. Q2 began in accordance with our plan with Kurt warming up and entering the pits half way through. Whilst in the pits the red flag was deployed and around 10 minutes was deducted from the session meaning a 5 lap race to secure a strong qualifying position. After losing a few positions one of our final laps planted the team back on the front row with a P3 finish.

The lead up to the race was tense for us all as we had a growing determination to once again take that podium finish if not win. As the lights went out Kurt took to the inside of turn 1 temporarily taking the lead but immediately running wide opened the door to 4 of his rivals. The end of the first lap saw Kurt in 5th place with some hard work to do as he was chased down by another two. The battle continued as he pushed his way through to 3rd and even temporarily 2nd until running wide following the overtaking maneuver. P1 and P2 began to break away over the open GP part of the circuit where we struggled with the bike being down in the speed traps leaving a 3 man fight for 3rd. As we crossed the line for lap 11, Tom Ward put an overtake on Kurt into paddock hill bend to take the number 3 spot for a split second before Kurt pulled the bend exit tight and took advantage of the wide line Tom had taken to regain the position. Moments later the race was red flagged cutting the final 2 laps and putting us on the podium again for round 8 of the season. The whole team are thrilled with the close race and that once again we were able to spray the champagne.


Wigley Racing Podium


Round 7 – Thruxton Race Report

Bad Luck Hits The Team At Round 7

The next round of the British National 600 Superstock Championship took place at an extremely sunny Thruxton this weekend. Friday morning’s practice session started off as a success. The sun was beaming on us and we were all eager to get out there to see what we can do. The practice brought a 5th and 6th place which was completed on old scrub tyres and post crossing the chequered flag there was no tread at all on the right hand side. It is one of the most abrasive circuits on the calendar and not to mention the fastest which was a great thrill when the bikes began sliding on the power.

During the first qualifying session of the weekend we set out on old scrub tyres in order to keep within our annual budget. Unfortunately, the heavily abrasive circuit along with the 42 degree ground temperature left us with a huge challenge to overcome when having to compete against other teams going for the new rubber option. Kurt managed to pull a 12th place position out of the bag putting him in a strong position ready to take on Q2, however, Matt struggled to piece together each sector in the same lap leaving him further down the grid in 21st.

Saturday brought our second qualifying session of the event and new rear tyres it was, with a special thank you to Steve from Chase Accident Repairs. We knew that there was a small window of opportunity to secure a fast enough lap time that would be competitive so early in the session whilst the tyre was new. Kurt waited to go out on track on his own where he spent a lap to settle down and the second launched him straight to the top of the screen in P2. Matt was short to follow suit, putting down a time which hit an early P12. We both continued to improve on these times but each additional lap of tearing up the tread meant we were fighting a losing battle. Towards the closing stages of the session, both lads were pushed down the grid bringing the session to a close with Kurt’s final qualifying position of 8th, only 0.46 seconds off pole position. Matt finished 0.88 seconds behind Kurt, putting him in 20th place on the grid as this is one of the most competitive championships in the series.

A 12:35 race on Sunday got the team on edge to get stuck in from the lights out and It was a perfect day for it at the Thruxton circuit. As the lights went out, Matt battled his way through the pack of riders to make up as many positions as possible whilst the field was close. Kurt fought to hold his 3rd row place as everyone entered the first series of turns to begin the 14 lap race. As Matt turned into turn 2, Campbell, he was involved in carnage resulting in him being taken down by a fellow competitor Sam Lambert. Although this was an unfortunate end to Matt’s race, Sam showed great sportsmanship making sure Matt was unhurt and walking him off the circuit. From this point all eyes were on Kurt as he was involved in a 12-man battle for the podium. Every lap the riders were dicing for the highest positions they could grasp taking advantage of the huge straights and slipstreaming opportunities. On lap 9, in the closing stages of the race, Kurt out braked and overtook the current championship leader, doing so he lost the front end due to entering the final chicane far too fast, bringing his race to an abrupt end from 7th place. Although it was a tough end to the weekend, Kurt still sits in a strong 9th place position in the championship and Matt in 18th.


Round 6 Snetterton Race Report

Jump Forward In The Championship For Kurt

The weekend of the 9th & 10 July was the 6 round of British Pirelli National 600 Superstock where we had a rollercoaster of race meeting. The sixth round kicked off to a bad start with Kurt being taken out mid-way through Fridays practice session when someone crashed into the back of him entering the hairpin of turn 2. After spending the past two weeks building Kurt a new bike the whole team was disheartened. Matt had a better session with getting to grips with the circuit and the tricky wet conditions.

Later that day was the first Qualifying session of the event and looking at the forecast it was to be the only dry session meaning this one had to count. Matt was sent out on circuit with no pit board or crew in pit late as the team were working franticly to get Kurt’s bike fixed from the mornings incident and passed through technical control. Kurt eventually made it out on circuit with 6 laps remaining of the session where he began late 20’s and every lap jumped up another handful of positions until the final lap which put him in 13th. Matt had ‘a bad day at the office’ as he struggled to settle down and piece together a lap time which put him on the backwards foot for the race in 24th.
Qualifying two was a wet session as predicted by the forecast therefore nobody could improve their times which wasn’t our best interest as we felt there was more to give with additional time, however the morning warm up session on Sunday was a step in the right direction. Matt lead for most of the short session as he was determined to get up to pace ready for the race later on. Kurt spent the session in the 30’s testing out some changes the team had made to the suspension in order to allow the bike to turn in easier when carrying speed, on the final lap Kurt got his head down and set a time that was 0.4 of a second faster than his qualifying session leaving him 4th and Matt 9th out of the 40 competitors.

This weekend was an early race at 11:30, just in time before the rain returned. As the lights went out both lads began to barge their way through those in front, unfortunately for Matt, he only made it to turn two before a repeat of Kurt’s Friday incident was duplicated and he hit the ground following another racer crashing into the back of him smashing his back wheel. Once it was established that Matt was okay the attention of the team was turned to Kurt. After the first lap he made it up to an impressive 8th place and continued to better his lap times picking people off throughout the sprint. The end of the race came and Kurt crossed the line in 5th place as by the time he got to the front of the group the leading 4 had already broken away. This was a solid finish putting Kurt up to 8th in the championship.


Round 5 – Knockhill Race Report

Wigley Claims First Pole Position At Last

Last weekend was BSB’s 4th round of the season, the round which took place at Knockhill Race Circuit in Scotland. Matt and Kurt started the weekend on a high with free practice even despite the wet conditions. Both lads were on the pace and Kurt hit 1st position part way through the session, although this was taken from him towards the end as a dry line appeared due to staying out on wet tyres. Matt began putting down his fastest times later on with his last lap being the fastest of the session putting him 0.108s ahead of the leader at the time making pole! Kurt’s best time was not far behind putting him in 5th position. This was a fantastic start to the weekend leaving both Kurt and Matt feeling confident and ready to take on Q1.

Friday afternoon bought more showers resulting in similar track conditions for Q1 to those of free practice, however Kurt and Matt had already proven that they were fully capable of achieving great times and this was clear from the result. We decided to go out on wet tyres due to the weather and track conditions which was the best choice to make for the beginning of the session. Each lap continually improved throughout the session and by working together on track towing each other along they reached 1st and 2nd on the timing board. They held these positions for the majority of the session, however just 5 minutes before the end several other riders came out of the pits on dry tyres as the track had dried up dramatically. Such a short amount of time meant that there wasn’t enough time for a tyre change and it became impossible to set any faster laps as we lost all grip on the circuit. In this short time Kurt was pushed back to 12th and Matt to 16th. This result was simply down to poor timing and whilst we were disappointed that we had not maintained our positions, this also solidified our strength in the rain.

Qualifying 2 was a much better day but with a very unpredictable forecast. We dropped lucky as our qualifying fell on a dry period and the sun was shining meaning that we had another shot at improving our lap times. The choice for both bikes were dry tyres. Approximately half way through Q2 Kurt set the fastest lap by far which even by the end of the session was 0.119s ahead of 2nd place. Matt also demonstrated a fantastic performance and was able to secure a 4th position! Everybody was over the moon with the fact that we got out first pole position, however, we were later informed that Kurt was to start from 4th on the grid after a yellow flag infringement earlier in the session. We attempted to protest against it because he wasn’t racing on the lap and was unaware of the error, this was dismissed by BSB officials with no option to view CCTV footage of the offence. This news was not entirely negative as Matt was pushed to the front row of the grid.

As race day came around we were once again faced with difficult weather conditions. The circuit was dry but the rain had begun to fall delaying the start. Nevertheless, before too long the race was declared as dry and we proceeded with our warm up laps on dry tyres. Then, the race began. Both Kurt and Matt had fantastic starts and maintained their grid positions. At the hairpin Kurt managed to pass Matt and broke away with the first pack. Matt successfully fended off others looking to obtain his position and stayed at the front of the second group. On the 4th lap his race went downhill fast, he was caught up in somebody else’s crash and as they hit the side of his bike it broke his throttle meaning that he was unable to continue and was forced to retire. Kurt continued to battle with the leading group with the high possibility to obtain the win. It was a close fight but the track was getting slippery due to the constant fall of rain. On lap 9 Kurt unfortunately touched the rear tyre on the painted white line on full power as he drifted the 600cc machine out of the chicane, the race was over as Kurt was slammed to the ground in a huge crash that wrote off the bike as it rolled.

This was a heart breaking close to the northern event after seeing the potential of a podium finish or even 2. It will be a long two weeks with the task of building a new bike ready for round 5 of the season.


Round 4, Donington Park WSBK

Success at World Superbike Round

It was that time of year again where we join the World Superbike paddock at Donington Park for the 4th round of our season. The whole team were feeling eager to get out there and see what we could do. The first practice session consisted of Matt getting used to and re-setting up his bike after having his bike wrote off by another competitor following the end of the race at Brands the weekend previous. This was quite a challenge as it was basically a new bike. Kurt on the other hand began turning a few heads in the paddock as settled into the weekend in the top 10 before completing the session in P1 and being the only one to enter the 1.34’s. This was a brilliant confidence boost for Kurt and the team.

This weekend we only had one qualifying session therefore it was extended to 45 minutes long. Matt made some big changes to the bike in the attempt to get into a rhythm and settle down as he found himself fighting against it. Kurt continued his pace into the second session of the weekend which put him in pole position early stages. This remained for the majority of the session as mid-way through he stopped in the pits for a new rear tyre before going back out to set an even faster lap time. Unfortunately, Kurt dropped to P2 and immediately started pushing to reclaim the number 1 place. After setting some impressive sector times but struggling to complete the whole lap, Kurt cleared the first sector 0.4 of a second faster than the new leader but then running wide down Craner Curves he crashed out of the session. He was okay but because of having to sit out the final stages of the session he dropped down to P7. Matt also came in to the pit for a new rear once the session was underway as getting the grip wasn’t easy, he was caught in the mid-group battle pulling together a lap time only 1.5 second from pole leaving him to start the race in P27.

Both, Kurt and Matt were feeling eager to get going for the race and both had their own personal goals in their minds. As the lights went out for the start Kurt headed down the outside of the front two rows and tipped in to the first bend in 4th. Matt took an opposite approach going up the inside entering turn 1, after the initial couple of laps Matt fought his way to 13 before the safety car was deployed due to an incident at the Melbourne Loop. At this point Kurt had sustained a series of near misses with losing the rear exiting 3 of the right hand turns each time setting him back before he settled into 8th. The pace car left the circuit on lap 3 and after settling down Kurt began taking back the positions he initially lost. The race finally came together for the number 66 machine of Kurt as he crossed the finish line in 3rd place taking his first podium at British Superbikes. Matt sustained mechanical difficulties with his clutch slipping which progressively got worse throughout the race.

Despite this Matt managed to bring it home in P15 taking the final point of the round.
The weekend has been a brilliant achievement for the team and is a huge leap in the right direction. We aim to continue this development and consistently challenge for podium finishes.

.Wigley Racing Podium Finish


Kurt Wigley Donington Park 3rd


Brands performance featured in the Express & Star.

Brands Indy Express & Star


Round 3, Brands Hatch Indy Race Report

Podium finish arms reach away!

Brands Hatch Indy was the third round of the British Superbike season which proved to be a great step forward for the team. We spent Fridays practice session developing our base settings for the bikes ready for the qualifying, Kurt had a strong session running within the top 10 but toward the final stages another rider almost experienced a high side on the exit of the final bend and shut off which resulted in Kurt running into the back of him and losing the front. He finished the session in 9th and Matt in 20th.

The team worked hard in order to repair the number 66 machine of Kurt in time for the first qualifying session which looking at the weather forecast appeared to be the session that would count as Saturday was predicted rain. From the word go, both riders started putting in faster and faster lap times running in the top 15. As the session closed out Kurt found himself in 8th position making up another place and Matt struggled to piece together his overall lap leaving him in 25th.

Fortunately for Matt, Saturday turned out to be a dry Qualifying session where he brought his lap time down by 0.6 of a second on lap 31 putting him on the grid in 19th. Kurt slowly watch his pit board fall down to P18 before deciding it was time to use the new rear tyre so that he could get the grip on the exit of the long last bend so after a swift pit stop he set out on a mission to improve his time which on lap 27 he went to 4th but fell to P6 at the closing stages. Matt was confident he could better his position in the race and work his way into the points and to start on the second row again foe Kurt was an excellent opportunity.

Sunday’s 11:30 race soon came around and after kurt got a short interview on the grid by the commentary the race was ready to begin. As the lights went out Kurt got a brilliant start shooting up the inside of the circuit before taking the first bend in 2nd place but more bad luck for the team arose as the race was red flagged due to a 5-man crash on turn 2 meaning a restart would commence and Kurt had to go back to 6th on the grid. For the second time the lights went out Kurt got blocked by a rider on the first row who knew what he was planning to try again which left him losing a couple of positions creating more hard work. Matt soon got stuck in with one eye on his pit bard watching his goal of finishing in the points get closer. Kurt also settled down and began putting in the consistent laps getting past the competitors that initially overtook him. At this point the leading group had gained a substantial gap from Kurt which he set on a mission of closing down. Within a few laps he was right on the back of the group and in the process set the fastest lap of the race which was only 0.01 of a second off the lap record. Kurt ended the race in 5th place crossing the line less than 0.3 of a second from 2nd. Matt battled his way up into a very respectable 10th position taking another handful of points putting him in 11th in the championship and Kurt closely behind in 12th by only 1 point.

It has been a brilliant weekend in the eyes of the team especially with a podium finish in reaching distance and almost setting a new lap record. We are now all getting ready for Donington Park at the World Superbike race this weekend coming.


Round 2, Oulton Park Race Report

This weekend was the second race of the 2016 season at a wet and cold Oulton Park. The team had an excellent start to the weekend with Kurt running in second place for the majority of the morning practice session and Matt in 4th. It was difficult conditions as some areas of the circuit was dry and others wet. We completed the session in 4th for Kurt and during the final couple of laps Matt got pushed to 10th out of the 40 competitors.

Qualifying one took place on the Saturday evening which began wet before beginning to dry up and finally followed by hail. The fastest qualifying times were set during the initial stages of the session due to the change in weather conditions which left Kurt in an impressive 6th position on the grid and after being in the top 5 also Matt completed the session with a strong 10th position.

The second qualifying session of the weekend was the most challenging as there was a tough decision between a new wet or new rear tyre, this was a last minute decision due to the instant changes on conditions presented. During the beginning stages the lap times were around 8 seconds off the previous session due to the water on track but this soon disappeared as the qualifying progressed and by the final 5 minutes new fastest lap times were being set. Kurt planned ahead and ensured he had a bit of clear circuit in front of him for the final lap where he crossed the line jumping up to 5th position after narrowly missing out on 3rd on the grid but leaving the team with great excitement. Matt spend the session building on his times and racing with other competitors but when it came down to the final laps when the dry line began to appear he struggled to put his lap together despite having faster sectors meaning he started the race from 15th.

The bank holiday race finally came around mid-day on Monday just in time for the rain. We were all in good positive spirits for the race especially with Kurt starting in the middle of the second row which also gained the team additional television coverage whilst the delayed start took place due to the standing water on the circuit. As soon as the lights went out Matt began his mission to battle his way to the front in the heavy rain with visibility due to the spray of other bikes. It didn’t take long for Matt to enter the top 10 but by this point Kurt had already been caught out by the slippery conditions and lost the front in the chicane crashing out. Matt continued to progress after watching Kurt’s race end early and found himself in 6th position. During the final two laps, Matt almost joined Kurt on exiting a turn as the bike pitched him out of the seat which unfortunately resulted in the two places previously gained being lost. Matt crossed the finish line to take 8th position for the second round of the season.

After such a great performance this weekend we are all looking forward to Brands Hatch in a couple of weeks and are feeling determined to achieve some good results.


Round 1, Silverstone GP Race Report

This weekend we were at Silverstone for the opening round of the British Superbike season and the team hit the circuit on a mission. Friday’s practice session was a great start to the event with the damp session bringing a 10th for Kurt and an 11th for Matt out of a class of 45 competitors. It was difficult to judge the weather all day which made for a challenging qualifying session in the evening. Both Kurt and Matt started the session on dry tyres despite the circuit being damp with a quarter still wet from earlier on. They began the session within the top 10 and top 5 at times which was looking positive, however, a few laps in it began lightly raining so Kurt entered the puts for a change of tyres. This turned out to be a disadvantage as the rain stopped moments after and the circuit began to dry up rapidly which destroyed the rear tyre. Matt continued to persevere with the change of weather conditions and after having many near crashes managed to bring it home in 24th and Kurt in 20th.

The Saturday brought more unpredictable weather conditions for the second qualifying session of the weekend with the track being damp once again. The choice was made for dry tyres and the team knew it was important to secure a strong lap time early on in the session in case it began to rain as this would prevent any improvements. Matt set his fastest lap of the session during the beginning stages of qualifying and Kurt set his towards the end putting him in 18th and Kurt 21st only 0.1 of a second behind Matt.

Sunday was a bright and sunny day making a change from the build-up. Kurt faced a new challenge on race day which meant him starting from the back of the grid in 44th position despite him qualifying 21st. This is because he had technical difficulties with his clutch on the initial lap where all riders form on the grid but Kurt had to re-enter pit lane. Matt started from his position and was ready to go with the aim of a top 10 finish. Matt had his stroke of bad luck after doing so well to battle his way up to 11th position before getting crashed into entering one of the final turns on the 4th lap by another rider ending his race in the gravel. Kurt left the grid on a mission in an attempt which seemed unrealistic. After the first lap he had made his way up to 27th position and continued to work his way through the field overtaking as many competitors as fast as he could. This was a challenge as once he reached the front of one group he then needed to close the gap between the next before gaining further positions. Kurt had a spectacular race finishing in the points with a 15th position.

The team have worked extremely hard this weekend and are all ready for Oulton Park in in a few weeks for the second race of the 2016 season in the British 600cc Superstock Championship.