Student Project


What is the student project?

This is an educational based project that was founded in the beginning stages of 2013. It gives students the opportunity to work as part of a race team within the motorsport industry. We have competed in the Pirelli National 600cc Superstock championship at British Superbikes for a few years before progressing into the British Supersport class and provide an opportunity to learn on the go for the young enthusiastic students involved. The students have the responsibility of running the race team, not only during the meetings but away from them too in order to develop a competitive team in the demanding sport.

Kurt and Matt are also of a similar age to those on board with the project who are also training within the engineering industry, therefore, they understand the importance of what is being taught and how beneficial it is for personal development and getting a head start within the working industry.


What are the benefits?

This project offers a wide range of benefits to the students with the main one being the opportunity to gain highly valued work experience which will give them the upper hand when pursuing a career pathway within the near future. Being a part of a fully operational team also gives them a working environment to exercise the skills they have learnt in education, however, the difference to a classroom is that accuracy is vital, attention to detail is key and one will only receive what they put into it. They develop a range of personal qualities such as the ability to work efficiently as part of a team, complete a range of tasks they are set and most importantly the ability to efficiently communicate with colleagues in order to succeed. The practical skills the students within the team learn are limitless from suspension settings, gear ratios, fuel consumptions, general mechanical skills and many more. They also learn the importance of hard work and maintaining a professional image at all times.

As this is a fully functioning team those involved learn the rewards through persistent hard work, determination and driving themselves to achieve higher. They experience those ecstatic days along with those less fortunate days, but this shows the importance of teamwork and pulling together as one. As a racer, nothing is stronger than trusting those team members surrounding you and knowing they put their all into being an irreplaceable value to the team.


Future aspirations

We aim to continue teaching new students all that we can and provide them the chance to be a part of something bigger, to gain invaluable experience and to make contacts within the engineering and motorsport industry. As a team we aim to progress through the ranks and continue to move up to bigger and better things where we shall face new challenges and continue to set higher goals pushing ourselves to the limit.

One day this younger generation will have the motorsport industry, engineering industry, country and even world in their hands so it is important to nurture their development now.


Student Profiles


NAME: Josh Billingham

AGE: 23

EDUCATION: Coventry University Masters

STUDYING: Motorsport Engineering (MEng)

The thing I enjoy the most about Science and Engineering is the fact it is always developing and the course I’m doing looks at the application behind the practical aspect.

My biggest achievement so far is being part of a race team that has competed in the Pirelli National 600cc Superstock and has progressed to the Dickies British Supersport Championship at British Superbike.

The team role that I adopted for the previous season is a Suspension Technician which is vital to the team’s success. A correct set-up for the bikes is important as it allows the riders to push it to its limits when chasing faster lap times and working their way up the grid. Other roles that I have been allocated consist of changing wheels, fuel calculations, tyre pressures, gear ratios and general maintenance of the bikes.

I’ve learnt endless skills and all about the knowledge required to be a member of a race team. I have also studied other aspects of the race team such as marketing and advertising. This has been a great means of preparation for my future and what I will encounter.”


NAME: Nick Medaković

AGE: 25

EDUCATION: Coventry University Degree

STUDYING: Motorsport Engineering (BEng) 

“I have been interested in riding and racing motorcycles since a young age. For years now I have followed motorsport racing, in particular Moto GP. I am fascinated by the mechanics behind motorsport and how settings can be changed to optimise anything mechanical to reach its full potential.

Having the opportunity to work in a team environment within the BSB  racing paddock has led me into wanting to become a race mechanic. A huge thanks is due to team for the opportunity to get a position in the field and to gain experience working at the forefront of the action.

During my time with the team so far, I have been able to utilise my previous skills to assist the team in preparation for each session. I have also learned how working on a race machine differs with many aspects to consider and the importance of checking and double checking everything. This is coupled with the rewarding and exciting experience watching the bike that I have just worked on flying around on track.”


NAME: Jack Hicks

AGE: 21

EDUCATION: Warwickshire Garage & Training Association Apprenticeship

STUDYING:  Motorcycle Maintenance & Repair Level 3

‘I have always been very enthusiastic when it comes to engineering and especially motorcycles. For the last few years I have been working for independent garages whilst working towards a qualification in motorcycle maintenance and repair.

Now that the course is almost complete I am looking to further my education in motorsport engineering while working with Wigley Racing with 2019 being my introductory year to the racing scene.

My role within the team mainly consists of fuel calculations, changing wheels, generally maintaining the bikes and inspecting various components to ensure the bikes are fit for the track. I feel the experience and knowledge I am gaining while working with the team within the BSB paddock, ultimately will always benefit me with future aspirations and career opportunities. I cannot wait to see what the season has to offer not only for myself but for the team as well.’


NAME: Doug Hustler

AGE: 21

EDUCATION: Coventry University Degree

STUDYING: Studying Motorsport Engineering (BEng)

‘Motor racing has always been a big interest of mine, in particular MotoGP which has been the reason I chose to study maths and physics at A-level as well as pursue a degree in Motorsport Engineering. I’m close to completing the final year of my course and aim to start a career within the motorsport industry.

Getting the opportunity to be part of Wigley Racing has allowed me to find out what its like to work inside a motorsport paddock. So far, I’ve gained value event experience and understanding of how a British Supersport team operates.

My current role within the team mainly focuses on maintenance and preparation of the bikes along with making sure they’re ready for each track session. I’m interested to learn how the setup of the bike can be altered to respond to rider feedback and telemetry data.’


NAME: Ellie

AGE: 29

EDUCATION: Heart of Worcestershire College

STUDYING: Studying Motorcycle Maintenance & Repair Level 3


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